Friday, September 5, 2014

Druidic spell list

Create - 2
Modify - 1
Destroy - 1
Move/Control - 1
Perceive - 2


Sphere of the Deity (3)

  • [CREATE] Summon the Olives (easy) - Summons a pool of olive oil. Amount of oil based on the power of the spell.
  • [CREATE] Send to Seed (easy) - creates seeds of one type of plant present in the area, or causes one plant present in the area to mature to a seed-bearing age and produce seeds.
  • [CREATE] Invoke the Greater Way (very difficult) - 
  • [DESTROY] Dispell Death (easy) - Decomposes a body into dust. Power of the spell determines the mass destroyed.
  • [PERCEIVE] Hidden Springs (medium) - Will show a number of nearby water sources, with distance and direction provided for each.
  • [PERCEIVE] Translate the Scroll (easy) - D/3 supplement to language skills
  • [PERCEIVE] Whispers of the Way (medium) - D/3 supplement to perception
  • [MODIFY] Clean the Camp (very easy) - makes an area perfect for camping. At the highest level, it will also create a prepared fire pit.
  • [MODIFY] The Javelin of Ceylon (difficult) - 
  • [MODIFY] The Time of Things Unseen (difficult) - 
  • [MOVE/CONTROL] Persuade the Fairy (easy) - adds magic to etiquette vs. fae and elves.
  • [MOVE/CONTROL] The Dragon's Bane (difficult) -
Animal (1)

  • [CREATE] Thorn of the Lion (easy) - Heals an animal 1 wound level. Power vs. damage class of the wound. (Note: This spell is medium difficulty if cast during combat.)
  • [DESTROY] Pox of the Fields (easy) - Animal takes 1 wound level. Power vs. unmodified strength.

Plant (1)

  • [CREATE] Conjure Fruit (very easy) - Creates a basic fruit. Quality of the fruit created is based on the power of the spell.
  • [DESTROY] Harbor's Curse (easy) - This is a touch spell. Harvested wood rots.  Power vs. strength of the object touched.

Human (1)

  • [CREATE] Bind the Gaping Wound (easy) - Seals a wound and increases chiurgury skill (x/3D)
  • [DESTROY] Weariness of Life (very easy) - This is a touch spell. Causes 2 levels of exhaustion. Power vs. unmodified strength.

Vitality (1)
  • [PERCEIVE] Nature of Things (very easy) - senses the type and strength of a spell

Undefined spells from the book of Ehei: 
realms of destruction:
* how to summon elven ancestors to pacify enemies. (ritual)
* A ritual to remove fires (normally used at home, but can be used anywhere)
* how to prevent decay of objects of importance. (can be used on books, wood, or other objects)
* ability to destroy acres of farmland
* turns weapons into farm implements
* restores natural order of an area by degrading walls. (ritual)

realms of hearth and harvest: 
* ability to find herbs
* ability to expand a fire to encourage warmth
* leeches toxin from a body (remove poison) 
* polish and clean metals
* draws all salt out of a body
* improved skills in cooking and alchemy
* restoration of will and potential of a supplicant (ritual) 
* reincarnation according to the weight of a soul (ritual) 
* allows for communication through fire
* shows distance and direction of home from any direction
* any land no longer grown as it should can reveal it's past
* supplement sight with divine energy to see hidden
* prophecy
* impose geas that can not be removed by magical means

* protection spells for a campsite
* blessing spells for harvest
* create food and water

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