Friday, September 5, 2014

Equipment and Items

Coins and Cash -
Platinum:       20
Gold:           150
Silver:          200
Copper:       200

Gems -
20 sapphires
  5 aquamarines
  5 tourmalines (thumb sized)
  6 small emeralds (thumb sized)
 2 medium emeralds (fine cut, 500 gp worth, taken from the pouch of the thief in the pyramid) 
  1 large emerald (extraordinary cut, 1000 gp worth, from the city under the sand) 
  2 black and gold coral pieces
  4 opals  (called "elf tears")

Other Items and Equipment - 
  • Initiates Guide to Sacred Druidry (book - gift from Martek) - carried in backpack
  • Incomplete spell book of druidic spells to Ehei - carried in backpack
  • Star gem (Tishpilar 2.5 inches across. Appears as a pearl.) Allows for completely silent movement. - carried in inner breast pocket of shirt, underneath the armor
  • 0 ent seed. - carried in small protective box in backpack
  • 1 sylvan seed - from the sylvan tree in Emer
  • 6 healthy strawberry plants. Planted in an old helmet. - carried in medium sized box with other seedlings and cuttings
  • medium sized box of various herbs, seeds, and plant cuttings and seedlings gathered with respect from the gardens I have visited. - carried on pack animal with other party supplies 
  • 2 small jars of honey (from Basil) - carried in backpack
  • 2 small jars of honey (traded for at the dwarven village in Emer) 
  • 3 healthy tea tree saplings (gathered with respect from Ma'tron's garden in Tir na' Friar) - planted in small containers, and carried with other seedlings and plants
  • 4 healthy tea tree saplings (gathered with respect from the gardens of the Quadling dwarfs) - planted in small containers, and carried with other seedlings and plants
  • 2 apple tree saplings - The Queen's Apples, given as a gift from the trees of the Queen's orchard in the hidden vale of the lost city of Emer.
  • 4 medium sized jars of tea tree oil
  • 3 small jars of olive oil 
  • 5 healing potions (each heals 1 wound level) - carried on a belt
  • 1 protection from undead scroll spell. 
  • 1 small bag of eye-shaped stones (picked up in the village of the "stealies" unknown value)
  • 1 finely wrought bottle of elven brandy (bottle is decorated with exquisite silver scrollwork)
  • 100 bottles of vintage elven wine (exceptional vintage) - kept in Tobias' storage box on the cart.

  • Bandolier of throwing knives (a gift from Tobias) - carried across shoulder
  • 1 small bag of explosive pineapple seeds - 6 seeds remaining (picked up from the world between worlds during the resurrection of Martek quest) - carried in protective box in backpack
  • 1/2 of a large brick of deep desert salt - wrapped carefully and carried in backpack
  • 1 porcelain tea service for two (made for me by the Quadling dwarfs) - carried in a small protective box in my backpack 
  • 1 porcelain tea service for 8 (a gift from Shalev) - carried in a protective box on the cart
  • 1 half-brick of pressed Big Blue tea (very valuable) - carried in box with my personal tea service
  • 1 block of dry ink - black. - carried on cart with other party supplies
  • 1 dress (royal quality) blue with silver trim - folded carefully and carried in backpack
  • 1 set white dress silks (desert garb - purchased in Bralizar) - folded carefully and carried in backpack
  • 1 set cold weather clothing and furs - folded carefully and carried in backpack. Furs carried on the pack animal with other party supplies, or worn as weather indicates. 
  • 1 set exceptional quality lockpicks - carried in belt pouch

  • worn - Grey fitted leather armor (purchased from Tir na' Friar)
  • worn - silver ring with fire opals in stylized flames under a tree crafted out of abalone shell (ring of promise gifted by Tobias worn on left ring finger)
  • worn - ring of woven platinum and layan thread with a green jade leaf (part of a matching set, worn on right ring finger)
  • worn - green jade leaf pendant (part of a matching set)
  • worn - Fine quality "common" clothes (worn under the armor, and when the armor is off while traveling.) 
  • worn - Family necklace
  • worn - ring of fire protection (worn on right thumb)
  • worn/carried - Quiver of 50 combat arrows
  • worn/carried - Dragon bone and maple bow, strung with dragon sinew (created and carved with intricate designs by Tobias)
  • worn/carried - Sling of Screaming - standard leather sling which is enchanted to cause any ammo thrown from it to scream loudly until found. (good for distractions) - gifted from the Jade Dragon in Emer
  • worn/carried - exceptional quality long sword. Leather wrapped hilt. crafted by Toshi.
  • worn/carried - Kapri’ini’s Scimitar (Crafted from Hardened Bronze Sword Blade Piece) STR +? (no close range penalty) gifted to me by Shalev
  • worn - two daggers
  • carried - ornate scroll tube carved with a sylvan tree at one end, with roots spiraling down the length of the casing. Contains 6 high level druidic spells, and acts as a calendar for the changing of the seasons and holy days. (hung from belt loop)

Note: This does not list items included in the standard adventuring kit. These are items of specific note that the character either started the game with, or has picked up along the way. List will be in continual flux as the adventures continue. 

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