Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Taking the long view

Humans and short-lived races have an urgency about them that I have always found fascinating. There's a quickness to every aspect of their lives that I just can't quite comprehend.

They often get so caught up in NOW that they forget to slow down. They forget to spend time contemplating something beautiful, simply for the sake of the observation. They lose sight of the long reaching effects that their actions may cause.

Life in Balance. This concept has become something that I study daily. I will be around - barring physical attack, or divine intervention - long after everything here has returned to dust once again.

Therefore, one of the aspects that I must constantly consider is the long view. What consequences do the actions that we take have on the future?

I don't let this prevent me from taking action, where action is needed, but if what we do changes the existing powers, how will that affect the overall balance of the world?

We - *I* - must be aware at all times, and help guide my little pseudo-family, my friends, in an appropriate manner.

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