Monday, December 28, 2015

Many paths to walk

We each walk our own path. We are each responsible for the steps we take and the choices we make. The road we travel allows us to interact with others, and sometimes paths will cross and weave together for a time.

The party I currently travel with threatens to break itself apart time and time again. It threatens to do so again now. With the other party members being in an uproar over Shalev's recent action, I look at them and I wonder if perhaps this time it will really happen. Fife, Osman, Lan and KelLyn have taken the cart and traveled ahead of us to the next little village. I begin to suspect that, perhaps, they may have gone their own way.

Tobias remains here with me, but I see the anger in his walk. I see his discomfort and I am reminded, yet again, at how young the rest of the party members are. Tobias is my consort and my lover, a companion where I thought I might never have another. Yet his unrelenting ire towards Shalev is proving to be problematic. I think, perhaps, there is a little bit of jealousy there, though there is no reason for it. I wonder if he worries over whether I would choose to remain with him if presented the option. It is a circumstance I hope to never find myself in the middle of.

I wonder, sometimes, why I choose to stay with any of them. I contemplate my own path, the quests that I have set myself to accomplish, and the possibility of just walking away. I do not think I would return to the deep desert. After so much time away from the scorching sands, I feel I have grown softer. More accustomed to the luxuries of traveling with an adventuring party.

For there are certainly luxuries in traveling together. Conversation. Safety in numbers. Surety of supplies. Adventure.

Oh yes. Adventure is definitely a luxury. One that I have discovered that I have a desire for. The other immortals rarely travel outside of their sanctuaries, and so I am unique in that regard. I have a taste for the road that drives me on to see what lies outside of the next horizon, and I do not know how long this current case of wanderlust will last. I do contemplate what I will do once it dissipates. Where I will be. Who will be beside me.

I will outlive them all. That is a fact that I deal with continually. I am immortal. Barring battle or injury, I will remain until the stars die out and beyond. I have seen the stars themselves change. The fade, they die, they are reborn, and I am here as a silent sentinel for it all.

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